Specialists in Pre-Construction Building & Infrastructure Condition Reports


Comprehensive and professional Dilapidation Surveys:

  • Quickly resolve arguments with vexatious third parties
  • Minimise valuable time lost in debating alleged damage
  • Preserve a contractor's insurance claims history
  • Save a potential loss of policy excess for each alleged claim
  • Assist your Insurance Broker in placing business for Construction Liability cover
  • Are invaluable in litigation that may ensue as a result of construction incidents

Dilapidation / Condition Survey
Comprehensive visual record of structures and infrastructure surrounding a construction site prior to commencement of work.

Body Corporate Maintenance
Visual record of building deterioration for purpose of estimating maintenance costs.

Pre-Tenancy Survey
Visual record of building condition and deterioration undertaken for either landlord or tenant prior to occupation.

Liquidation Survey
Stage of work status report for liquidators and administrators following bankruptcy of a building contractor.

Insurance for Works in Progress
Condition and stage of work report for procurement of insurance on existing works under construction.

Development Applications
Survey and report for the purpose of building approvals and development applications.

Visual record of existing structures prior to modification and refurbishment.

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